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Q.1 expiry date

Caramel can keep for about a month.
We don't use preservatives,
so please enjoy it as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the good flavor of the ingredients.
In addition, during the summer period from early July to late September, the expiry date is 2 to 3 weeks.

Q.2 Storage method

Please keep it  in a cool place. (under 24℃)
There is usually no problem to keep it at room temperature.
During hot seasons such as summer, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator.
In that case, please bring it back to room temperature before eating. It will be soft and delicious.

Q.3 raw materials

We do not use any food additives such as preservatives, fragrances, or coloring agents.
We value the flavor of natural ingredients and produce our products using carefully selected ingredients.

Q.4 allergy

28 specified raw materials, we use milk, almonds, and oranges.
Please read the product introduction.

Q.5 Reservation

Please contact each store at least 3 days before your visit.
Reservations can be made by email, phone or in-store.
Limited quantity products (butterscotch, cream, ginger syrup) and limited time products are not eligible for reservation.

Q.6 online shop

We do not have an online shop.
After payment is made at the store, we will ship the item at any time.(only Japan)

Q.7 petit gift

Please pay at the store.
Once payment is completed, the item will be shipped to the specified date, time and location.(Japan)
Please contact us at least 10 days before delivery. We can pack from 2 pieces into small bag.

Q.8 usable payment method

​Cash or credit card.

email address

◉Reservation (until 3 days in advance)

*Please read Q5 before making a reservation.

  • Name:

  • Email addres:

  • Pick up date:

  • Store:

  • ​Products:

  • Extra bags or not:

◉Petit gift reservation (until 10 days in advance)

*Please read Q7 before making a reservation.

  • Name:

  • Email address:

  • ​Wedding date:

  • Pick up date:

  • Pick-up (payment) store: (Omotesando store, Marunouchi store, Daikanyama store)

  • Products: (Ex: 2 pieces of No.1 and No.2 x 30 sets)

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